Nordic Reform Afterpary
Join the afterparty on Saturday at 8pm to meet up with the other attendees, speakers and staff in a more casual setting.
Oct 30 | Saturday
20:00 - ?
DJ: Martin Tveten
After the conference ends on Saturday there will be a break for a few hours before we start the afterparty 20:00 at Chateu Neuf (a few tram stops or a 5 minute taxi from the conference venue)

The Afterparty is free for all conference ticket holders. If you can't attend the conference, but still want to join the afterparty you can buy a ticket here.

A big thanks to VOID for all their help and for letting us display their amazing and mesmerising sculpture "C8 - Tesseract". Drop by to see this beautiful piece of art using light as the medium for playing with perception and dimensionality.

20:00 | OCTOBER 30 | Chateau Neuf
Be there or be tesseract
Entrance is free for all conference attendees! Feel free to invite friends.
(tickets are only 100NOK for anyone else day might want to join)
Buy afterparty ticket

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